The school aims at promoting learning in an atmosphere of healthy, liberal, all-round development guiding the students towards academic excellence and also to nurture their talents and skills in sports, in arts etc. The students experience education tomorrow, in an environment of academic freedom, bright minds meet, discover and learn for themselves.

“Commitment to Excellence” is the School motto and this commitment is extended to all spheres of education and beyond.


Secretary’s Desk

“We believe in the Japanese System of KAIZEN which stands for continuous improvement. We are continuously trying to improve our academic and administrative procedures and infrastructure to bring about even higher achievement levels. The school has a happy blend of traditional values and a modern outlook.

[Mr. G. K. Khaitan, Secretary, The BSS School]thebssschool


Principal’s Desk

BSS School is one of the premier girl’s schools of Kolkata where constant upgradation in terms of quality education is imparted through newer skill development by empowering a girl child through academic excellence. With this objective in our mind, we all work in harmony to take the school to the zenith of its glory. Our School continues to uphold traditional values while adopting contemporary infrastructure and pedagogies. Individuals having diverse backgrounds, possessing unique streaks of values, traditions and cultures enter the portals of a learning community. The abode of learning for girls, BSS School, offers unrelenting effort in mentoring and metamorphosing the uncut diamonds into finer gems.

[MS. S. SEN, Principal, The BSS School]principal_2


Commitment to Excellence

Education is custom designed to give each student the best. We prepare students to develop love for learning and acquiring knowledge and making it a life long process. In this institution we prepare students to be able to process the knowledge which they acquire and not to accumulate it only.

  • The School has been awarded the 3rd Prize for ‘Saraswati Vandana’ organised by Parle G. The award consists of a trophy and Rs. 25,000/-.

  • Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan has been judged as the National Runner Up by Intel for the Best Integration of Computer Technology in curriculum. The award consists of Rs. 1 lakh.

  • The greatest achievement for the school is the Govt. of India Award for Computer Literacy Excellence handed over by the then Honourable President – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at New Delhi. The prize consists of a Silver Trophy and Rs. 1 lakh.

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