Interhouse Folk Dance Competition 2024

BSS School hosted an exhilarating Interhouse Folk Dance Competition on March 15th, featuring students from grades 6 to 8. Despite facing the pressure of upcoming exams, the students were brimming with joy as they immersed themselves in the vibrant world of folk dance. With just two days of intense practice, they delivered an outstanding show that left the audience spellbound. Each house showcased a unique folk dance, from the energetic beats of Khalasi to the traditional charm of Choudhary and the lively movements of Pinga, captivating everyone in attendance. The infectious enthusiasm of the students radiated through their performances, with every participant embodying the spirit of a true winner.

The competition not only mesmerized the audience but also impressed the judges, who were thrilled by the students’ artistic flair and dedication. Their invaluable feedback and jaw-dropping dance moves added to the excitement of the event. Principal Ma’am, acknowledging the remarkable showcase of talent, addressed the audience with pride. As the results were announced, tears of joy flowed from the winning team, the Blue House, while others shared in the spirit of camaraderie and celebration. In the end, the competition was a resounding success, uniting everyone in a shared love for dance and leaving lasting memories of joy and excitement for all who participated.