Eco Friendly

The school always emphasized on creating awareness about the ecological imbalance created around us daily. So in keeping with that ethos, it has tied up with a company named Vital Waste who collect the bio-degradable and non-bio degradable waste from theschool and process those with minimum environment harmful effect. This motto of recycling and reusing is just the right thing we wanted our students, the future citizens to imbibe thereby removing every possible carbon foot print left and adding to a brighter greener future.The school has initiated the following to ensure a clean and green school :

  • The guests of the school are greeted with saplings to welcome instead of bouquets of flowers.
  • Hand-made environment-friendly items are made by the students by a full fledged pottery department of the school to make attractive gifts for guests. This also includes hand-made paper and cloth being used for invites and cards to be sent by the school for invitation.
  • A unique initiative taken up by the school is to collect the water out of the air-conditioners – ours being a completely air-conditioned school – and reused for mopping of floors, cleaning of washrooms and watering the plants since it is distilled water.
  • The school has a landscaped garden within the premises of the school which provides as an eye-soothing eco-green space, meticulously maintained against the background of artificially created waterfall. The park outside the garden is also maintained by the school and provides a relief not only to parents who have the provision to sit and wait in the park but also other passers-by who can sit and taken a breath of relief.
  • The school has four floors and each floor is known by its name along with that kind of potted plant to make the children aware of the importance of green around them. – Money Plant Floor, Areca Floor,Croton Floor, Rhapis Floor, Ficus Floor.
  • A set of 78 Solar panels have been installed to cut down on the electricity cost of the third and fourth floor since ours have air conditioners running right from ground to the fourth floor.
  • Arrangements have been made for students to be taken to the Vital Waste Factory at Falta to make them get acquainted with the actual way of disposing off the waste and recycling of waste.
  • Arrangements are made for Cleanliness Drive for the students not only to clean the roads but also arrange for treks wherein the students were involved in cleaning the Himalayan route while on a trek in that area.
  • World Environment Day is celebrated by planting of saplings within the vicinity of the school.
  • Initiative is taken by the school to make them visit the Wetlands of Kolkata, make them see the flora and fauna in the vicinity and get a learning experience thereof.
  • Science Exhibition is organized in school to make the students aware of all the environmental aspects of the world.
  • Art Installations are done during the Science exhibition to project the world with greenery and without it.
  • New concepts like the Floating Garden, Vertical Garden as a part of reconstituting the green in the heart of the city is taught to the students as a part of the Science exhibition.
  • Regular workshops of various kinds are held in the school including how the students can make use of the vegetable dye.
  • The BSS School is the only girls’ School in Kolkata to install the Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and the Incinerator to educate the students for the correct usage of the napkin and the disposal through the incinerator.
  • Celebration of Earth Day in School wherein saplings are planted, Art Installations are done with Eco-Friendly items, School children display costumes made of eco-friendly materials with which they have a fashion show, Puppet Shows are organized by the Puppetry Department of the school to speak on the preservation of the environment.
  • Regular Film Shows are organized in the School by the NGO “Kids for Tigers” with whom the School has a tie-up for preservation of animals specially tigers.
  • The School is completely equipped for the Prevention of Fire and regular Fire Drill is held to orient the students regarding their expectations during fire – which is manned by officials from the Fire Department.
  • Iron-Separator Machine has been installed in the School for clear and better quality of water for use.
  • The School is completely free of Gas Cylinders for the safety of all – including staff quarters – it has been replaced by Induction Cookers all over, including the Nutrition room for the students.
  • The students, time and again, join hands with the Kolkata Police to make the passers-by be aware of Noise / Sound Pollution in the vicinity of the School.
  • The School has joined hands with KMC to have the Feeder Boxes nearby the School painted with relevant messages of eminent personalities to give a green look around the vicinity and everyone conscious.