Friendly Basketball Match between The BSS School Students and Calcutta Good Counsel

A friendly match between two teams is always fun to play and watch. The BSS School organised a Friendly Basketball Match within its premises on 25th November, 2023 (Saturday). The Basketball Match was played between the BSS Students Basketball team and the players of the feted Calcutta Good Counsel, the registered club of West Bengal Basketball Association.

An outstanding tournament was played in the grounds of the BSS School where all the players exhibited excellent energy, sportsmanship and excitement. The game was full of heart and enthusiasm as the ground reverberated with the cheers of the teachers, students and parents. Though the match score was 40-27, in favour of the Calcutta Good Counsel, the BSS School students gained interesting insights and a novel experience of playing with an external team of trained players! Eminent sports referees like Mr. Rakesh Kundu and Sourav Laha also graced the sporting event with their presence.

This friendly match was organised by The BSS School for the 2nd time, to extend a greater sporting exposure to our students and also to strengthen bonds with different sporting clubs and associations. The initiative aimed to motivate the BSS School students to excel in sports by offering a platform for future sporting activities thereby fostering a culture of sports and a spirit of bonding and camaraderie.