The BSS School bagged the “Award for Excellence in Most Sustainable Category in the Avishkar Beyond Atoms (Inter- School Science Fest, organised by B.D. Memorial Junior School

The BSS School participated in the Avishkar Beyond Atoms, Inter-School Science Fest organised by B.D.Memorial Junior School (Bansdroni Centre) on 29th September, 2023 and was the proud recipient of the “Award for Excellence in Most Sustainable Category’.

The participants were Ditsa Saha(VA),Sambodhi Datta(VA), Subarna Roy(VB), Tannishtha Roy(VB), Tasvi Sharma(VB), Labanya Mallick(VB).

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly unveiled a transformative road map in the document titled ‘Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’.

The agenda comprises 17 sustainable goals (SDG’s), encompassing 169 targets so far.

The BSS School model was based on SDG Goal 13-Climate Action. The model was divided into two parts – the first part depicting the consequences of global warming and the second part showing how we can take small scale initiatives to reduce global warming.

The students also prepared charts to show the small-scale initiatives taken by The BSS School to make our operations more co-friendly. About 15 schools participated in the fest whose model depicted various SDG Goals (Goal nos. 11 to 15).

By participating in the fest, the students were motivated and encouraged to showcase their understanding and creativity for a cause. The fest also provided a platform for the young minds to communicate freely.